Vacuum Services:

Express Chem offers a wide array of vacuum truck services across The United States and Canada. Our trucks and technicians are equipped to handle every project and situation. Express Chem is able to operate in any condition or environment to meet the needs of our customers. Express Chem is able to remove tank bottoms, including liquids, gums, and sludge of different densities and viscosities from your site quickly and effectively.

Hydro blasting:

Every facility is focused on a clean and efficient work environment. Express Chem’s hydro-blasting services are able to clean pipes, remove deposits, and eliminate build up from your facility. Our technicians are experienced in a variety of surfaces and materials. Express Chem is focused on providing the best cleaning solution for each individual facility we work with.

Tank cleaning:

Express Chem specializes in bulk storage tank cleaning. We are able to clean a tank safely and effectively to save your facility down time. Our technicians specialize in even the thickest materials found inside storage tanks. Our methods allow our experts to remove tank bottoms, including liquids, gums, sludge and solids quickly and effectively. Express Chem has experienced 100% customer satisfaction with every tank we clean due to our hands on experience and focus on customer service.

Waste removal:

Waste removal services keep bulk material out of landfills. Experienced lab technicians come onsite to sample and test your waste material to find an environmentally friendly way to recycle it. Express Chem also offers transportation of bulk waste material to preferred destinations for appropriate disposal. Express Chem wants to save you time and money by handling your bulk waste so you don’t have to. In many cases, we find ways to repurpose what would otherwise be waste and provide our customers commercial value for the material we remove.

Project Management:

At Express Chem we have the relationships to take on and be your one stop solution for your facility. Our partners across North America allow us to be your project leader for your facility no matter the service needed. Express Chem wants to be your industrial service provider for all of your environmental and industrial cleaning needs.